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In-Person Training

Practice sessions, role-playing and exercises to solidify concepts

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Pendulum - ACT Human

ACT Human is a corporate training consultancy founded in 1997. We are passionate about helping today's workforce learn essential communication skills in an engaging learning environment.

Our programs deploy the latest research in neuroscience, psychology and adult learning. Our training sessions are delivered in a dynamic, fun and collaborative way to help every individual realize greater personal and professional results.





Pendulum - ACT Human

We call ourselves “ACT Human” because we are passionate about going the extra mile to humanize our interactions with clients.


The skills we teach and the way teach them – face-to-face and online training that range from self-paced, blended learning, to instructor-led formats - are our contribution to humanizing the world through transformational learning.

Pendulum - ACT Human

Successful organizational development is a result of personal and professional development.

This is why the ACT Process is embedded in all we do.



The first step towards development is awareness - becoming aware of our strengths and weaknesses, our perceived needs and our desired outcomes.

The second step is communication - learning to communicate our thoughts, ideas and feelings with clarity and energy, so as to enhance our ability to connect with others and to achieve our objectives and greater personal fulfillment.


The final step is transformation - there is an element of personal development in everything we do. We assist individuals with the right environment, tools and opportunities to make effective and lasting change.

Pendulum - ACT Human


  • Practice time makes up a big part of our programs - participants' performance is sometimes recorded/ reviewed, but always coached and/or new skills are practiced through drills until comfort zones are expanded and change is visible.

  • Carefully developed 'road maps' outlining step-by-step application guidelines and checklists are provided to support transfer of learning.

  • Participants are entitled to support via email or phone.

Post Program


  • Evaluation summaries are compiled for every program and used as a basis of follow-up discussions with clients.

  • Follow-up skills sessions - half-day programs which give participants the opportunity to apply the skills acquired during the 'base line' program and to receive additional feedback and guidance.

  • Individual skills coaching - personalized, focused, one-on-one sessions to deepen and extend the individual's skill levels.

  • Executive/ team coaching.

Post Program


Whilst much can be achieved during our programs, some individuals have a desire to take learning that extra step. Hence, we provide a wide suite of post-program offerings. Some of the options include:


Banking, Finance & Insurance

  • ABN AMRO Bank

  • American International Assurance Company, Limited

  • ANZ Bank

  • Barclays Bank Plc

  • Cerulli

  • Citibank

  • Deutsche Bank

  • Edaw GfK Asia Pte Ltd

  • Euler Hermes Singapore Services Pte Ltd

  • HSBC Private Bank

  • ING Life Insurance Company Ltd

  • JP Morgan Chase Bank

  • Lion Global Investors Ltd

  • Merrill Lynch

  • MGPA Advisory (Singapore) Pte.Ltd

  • OCBC Bank

  • Prudential Corporation Asia

  • Schroder Investment Management (S) Ltd

  • SetClear Pte Ltd

  • Swiss Reinsurance Company

  • TD Securities

  • The Great Eastern Life Assurance Company Ltd

  • The Toronto-Dominion Bank

  • The Royal Bank of Scotland plc

  • UBS Bank

  • United Overseas Bank Limited (UOB)

Chemical, Oil & Energy

  • Chevron Oronite

  • Ciba Specialty Chemical

  • ExxonMobil

  • Oil Spill Response Ltd 


  • British Council

  • Civil Service College

  • Nanyang Technological University Pte Ltd

  • Singapore Institute of Management (SIM)

Food, Beverage & Fast-Moving Consumer Goods

  • Cerebos Pacific Ltd

  • Danone Asia

  • Kraft Foods Asia Pacific

  • Hasbro Asia Pacific

  • Nestle Singapore

  • Unilever Asia Pacific

Government & Non-Profit

  • Government Investment Corporation of Singapore (GIC)

  • Hong Kong Cyberport

  • Ministry of Defence (Singapore)

  • Singapore Power

  • Workforce Development Authority (WDA)

IT & Telecommunication

  • Agilent Technologies

  • Alcatel

  • Apple Computers

  • Concerto Software Pte. Ltd

  • Dell Computers

  • EMC Computer Systems (South Asia)

  • Epson Singapore

  • Fuji Xerox Fujitsu

  • Harris Interactive

  • Hewlett-Packard Internet Securities, Inc

  • LG Electronics

  • Logitec Asia Pacific

  • Misys International Banking Systems

  • National Computer Systems

  • Samsung Economic Research Institute

  • SAP

  • Singtel

  • Starhub

  • Ubisoft Singapore Pte Ltd


  • Platts

  • The Economist Group

  • Thomson Reuters


  • ABB AMO Asia Ltd

  • BASF

  • Caterpillar

  • DSM

  • Dyneema Dynea Singapore

  • Flextronic

  • Lintec Singapore

  • MTU Asia

  • Osram

  • Ove Arup

  • PERI Asia

  • Philips Electronics

  • Rockwell

  • Schott Asia

  • Thales Group

  • Toyota

  • Tyco Electronics

  • United Technologies Corporation

Medical & Pharmaceutical

  • Abbott

  • AstraZeneca

  • Boehringer Ingelheim

  • Haw Par Healthcare Ltd

  • Hempel Asia

  • Pacific International Medical Clinic

  • International SOS

  • Johnson & Johnson

  • Medtronic International

  • Roche

  • St. Jude Medical (Hong Kong)

  • Smith and Nephew

  • Terumo

Real Estate/ Property Development

  • CapitaLand

  • CBRE Pte Ltd

  • C&W Services (S) Pte Ltd

  • Keppel Land

  • M&G Real Estate Asia Pte Ltd

  • First State Investments (Singapore)

  • Zeal Asset Management Limited

  • UOL Group Limited


  • Chanel

  • Alfred Dunhill

  • Hugo Boss

  • TopToy Hong Kong Ltd


  • Clifford Chance

  • Club Med

  • Hong Kong Council for Academic Accreditation

  • The McGraw-Hill Group Companies

  • NES Overseas Services

  • Shangri-La International

  • Singapore Airlines

  • SIA Engineering Co Ltd

  • Singapore Turf Club

  • Veolia Water

  • New Zealand Trade & Enterprise

Pendulum - ACT Human
Paula Profile Pic

Principal Consultant, Executive Coach

“Exceptional, exceeded expectations. Added value not only in terms of leadership/ presentation skills but also to our lives, including science, nutrition and meditation/ mindfulness. Thank you Paula.”

Participant, Singapore Institute of Management (SIM)

Founder, managing director and principal consultant of ACT Human & Business Development Pte Ltd (established in 1997). Greatest strength is strategic thinking with a strong grasp of how the training process impacts participants at personal levels, enables transfer of learning to the work environment, and ultimately affects the business.

Business Experience

Law degree with specialization in contract and corporate law from the University of Sao Paulo (USP). Studied law in Singapore through the University of London. In-house counsel for GEC Singapore (1995-1997) and Glencore Agrocomercial Ltd (1990-1993) when they were Brazil’s largest commodities trader and exporter. Set up legal departments of both companies and provided negotiation and contract management skills training internally. Founded ACT Human in 1997 and set up offices in Hong Kong (2004) and Korea (2006).

Consulting Experience

Corporate trainer, facilitator and accredited executive coach with +23 years of experience specializing in needs analysis, curriculum design, customization and delivery of professional development initiatives at all organizational levels (from front-line to CEO/Board level) across a plethora of industries in the areas of leadership and management development, business communication, messaging and presentation techniques, sales and negotiation skills, professional image and customer service. Worked extensively with key players in the banking and finance, manufacturing, IT and electronics, education and pharmaceutical sectors (most of which are well-known multinational corporations and Fortune 500 companies), and in the public sector with government boards and government-owned organizations.

Career Achievements & Awards​

  • Awarded “Top 10 Trainers 2016” by the Singapore Institute of Management (SIM)

  • Articles published in the media:

    • “Presenting With Conviction”, Today’s Manager, Issue 3, 2019, published by SIM

    • “The Resilient Organization”, Roundabout (Dec 2012 - Jan 2013), The Team Management Systems
      (TMS) magazine

    • “Surviving And Thriving”, Human Resources Magazine, Jan 2012, Lighthouse Independent Media

    • “Bridging The Resilience Gap (Part 2)”, Today’s Manager, Dec 2011-Jan 2012, SIM

    • “Bridging The Resilience Gap (Part 1)”, Today’s Manager, Oct-Nov 2011, SIM

    • “Training The Mind Versus Training The Brain”, Today’s Manager, Aug-Sep 2011, SIM

    • “Thanks Coach!”, HRM Singapore, 9.8 issue, published by Key Media Pte Ltd

  • Designed most programs delivered to ACT Human’s clients and authored more than +49 workbooks published by ACT Human.

Accreditations & Certifications​

  • Coaching Foundation (ICT) by NeuroLeadership Group (former Results Coaching Systems), 2008
  • Certified EQ Trainer by 6Seconds, 2008
  • Team Management Systems Accreditation Certificate (Work Index, Linking Skills Index, Team
    Performance Index, Team Management Profile Index, QO2 Index), 2000
  • Power Training I and II, 1998
  • Certificate in Training Management (PSB Institute for Productivity Training of Singapore), 1997


  • Fluent in English and Portuguese

  • Deutsches Sprachdiplom I (German)

  • Conversational in Spanish
Skills Development

"I have attended many training programs before on presentation skills, but the only one that really stuck in my mind, was the training conducted by ACT on Powerful Presentation skills. I find that it had a lot of impact, was very powerful and well organised and can be applied in any presentation. I have personally seen the improvement in myself and used the skills that I learned very frequently."

- Corina Tan

Director, Customer Experience and Care, Dell Computers

Skills Development strip background.jpg

Improve performance and thrive in the position that you currently hold as well as in your future personal and professional prospects

ACT Skills Development programs make individuals more self-aware and confident so as to consciously adopt behaviors that support them in achieving their goals.

“Paula is an excellent teacher. Very patient, encouraging, knowledgeable and able to show us practical application options, not just deliver technical knowledge. Personally I have seen vast improvement in my presentation skills from day one to the last day of the course. Paula is a fantastic trainer and person.”

Participant, Singapore Institute of Management (SIM)

Child Chess Image.jpg

Participants, line managers and clients often tell us that our programs stick, that confidence levels increase and that skills learned are transferred to the workplace.


We believe that this is the result of our 7-pronged approach.


Customization takes place at every level - client, line manager, participants - to ensure that examples are relevant and objectives are aligned with the organization's strategic goals and individual development needs.


Uncompromising Commitment
To Customization



Passion, strategic thinking and vast experience on creating programs that impact participants at personal levels, i.e. greater self-awareness and confidence levels, so as to intrinsically enable transfer of learning to work, affect business results and humanize the world.

Baby Blocks Image.jpg

An overview of the courses we offer:

  • ACT Customer Service Series

  • ACT Intercultural Communication Series

  • ACT Interpersonal Communication Series

  • ACT Negotiation Series

  • ACT Personal Productivity & Effectiveness Series

  • ACT Presentation & Messaging Series

  • ACT Professional Image, Etiquette & Branding Series

  • ACT Professional Sales Series

Child Learn Image.jpg

Case Study #1


We were approached by one of our clients who is a major powerhouse in the banking and finance industry to work with their MD for Singapore and a small team of business heads. Aside from their functional roles, this group of individuals was expected to be able to speak to the media and eloquently articulate the organization’s vision and business strategies in the financial domain. Having newly established themselves in Singapore after a major restructuring in other parts of Asia Pacific, their stability and motives were being questioned and they were receiving much flak, thereby affecting investor and client confidence. To add to the challenge, despite the seniority of the team, many had never even faced the media, let alone be able to navigate it’s complex and unforgiving environment.

Case Study #2


We were approached by a long-time client of ours to provide a sales and customer service training that would enable their team to better respond and anticipate the needs of a rapid changing marketplace.

Team Development

"I had a great time at the training. It helped me to have better understanding of ‘team’ and how I need to be in our team."

- Ha Eun-Young


Geese image.jpg

Work collaboratively with others within diverse teams, work groups and across
the organization and cultures to achieve common goals and synergistic results.

ACT Team Development Solutions are designed to assist teams at all levels, from start-up to mature, to achieve synergistic teamwork.

Participants become more aware of own and other’s strengths and limitations, and work preferences.

Birds image.jpg

An overview of the courses we offer:

ACT Teambuilding Workshops

Off-site meetings and corporate incentive events.

ACT Team Development Series

Highly-customized programs that tend to form part of on-going team or leadership development initiatives and often involve the use of Team Management Systems (TMS) Profiles, training sessions to bridge potential skill gaps and facilitation of carefully selected activities.

ACT Facilitation

Cross-functional teams and senior leadership teams.

Zebras image.jpg

We often choose to integrate Team Management Systems (TMS) instruments into our team development programs. TMS is recognized as the foremost integrated system of work-based, research-proven assessments worldwide - supporting effective positive and lasting change and higher performance in the workplace.

Benefits of Using TMS Instruments:



  • Show how key work areas fit together and the need for activities to be linked together.

  • Allow team members to see clearly how the team maps onto a researched model of team effectiveness and what areas may need to be addressed.

Personal Development

  • Enhance self-awareness – the foundation of sustainable team & and leadership development.

  • Provide practical feedback and insights on work preferences, leadership strengths and risk-orientation.

Leadership Development

  • Enhance understanding of what motivates people at work.

  • Provide practical feedback on individuals, jobs and team performance.

  • Provide complete overview of how people are working together.

4 Reasons Why

TMS Instruments


  1. Simple - Distils extensive research into some simple, universal models.

  2. Practical - Generates work-focused, simple and practical language.

  3. Proven - The TMS approach has been reviewed by the British Psychological Society and has been used by over a million people in companies all around the world.

  4. Integrated - Provides a versatile suite of feedback tools. It keeps development on the agenda as it fosters on-going process.

Elephants image.jpg

Case Study:

Team Development


We were approached by a company undergoing a major transition in its focus, branding and market position. The company was moving from a functional, engineering, internally-focused organization to a matrix, externally-focused organization. This change posed challenges for the management team - the perception that the management team was not unified, some continuing communication / competition issues between a couple of departments, leadership of the management team and individual differences that existed between team members.

Case Study:



We were approached by a world leader in framework and scaffolding technologies to work with their senior management team. The team comprised heads of various business units, with different cultural backgrounds who held very entrenched positions about the way tasks needed to be performed and information disseminated across teams. This naturally had led to cross functional tension and eroded the trust and collaborative spirit needed by the team to synergize effectively.

Resilience Development

"The trainer was very clear and gave us all the opportunity to express our views, opinions. A good listener too!!! Bravo! Good choice of words, her rhythm and style of presentation enabled her to have captive audience. Everyone participated and had fun – at the same time, learning all the necessary skills we needed."

- Mohamed Ghazali Amin Ali

Human Resource Manager


“More than education, more than experience, more than training, a person’s level of resilience will determine who succeeds and who fails. That’s true in the cancer ward, it’s true in the Olympics, and it’s true in the boardroom”

- Dean Becker

Organizations do everything they do to be more resilient - to be more successful not just in the short term, but in the medium to long term. Yet, research shows that volatility is ever increasing, and so is the gap between winners and losers.

Resilience development is about providing individuals with the mindset, tools and a whole-system approach to managing change, teams, planning strategy, writing policy, and mapping organizational development in more resilient ways.


Resilience Development Offerings

Designed to help individuals improve their ability to integrate work and life in more meaningful, healthier, fulfilling and sustainable ways and for organizations to create sustainable competitive advantage in increasingly turbulent conditions.

An overview of the courses we offer:

  • ACT Building Resilience Series

  • ACT Mindfulness & Wellness Series

  • ACT Leading Resilient Organizations Series


Why is developing resilience important for an organization?

"For every $1 spent on wellness programs, employers can expect an average return of $3.50."

US Department of Health and Human Services

"...83% of participants said they were 'taking time each day to optimise my personal productivity' - up from 23% before the course (mindfulness at work). 82% said they now made time to eliminate tasks with limited productivity value - up from 32% before the course. Among senior executives who took the course, 80% reported a positive change in their ability to make better decisions, while 89% said they became better listeners."

Janice Maturano, Deputy General Counsel, General Mills (the company behind Cheerios cereal and Haagen-Dazs ice cream) quoted In 'the Mind Business', Financial Times, Saturday August 25/ Sunday August 26 2012


Case Study


Early this year one of our clients from the banking industry - who had been through many training programs and had many skills in place - was ready to embark on a personal coaching journey with us. He wanted answers on how to move forward at work and in life with more fulfilling options, and wanted to ensure that he was exploring his full potential while planning for the future.