In-Person Training

Practice sessions, role-playing and exercises to solidify concepts

Pendulum - ACT Human

ACT Human is a corporate training consultancy founded in 1997. We are passionate about helping today's workforce learn essential communication skills in an engaging learning environment.

Our programs deploy the latest research in neuroscience, psychology and adult learning. Our training sessions are delivered in a dynamic, fun and collaborative way to help every individual realize greater personal and professional results.






"I have attended many training programs before on presentation skills, but the only one that really stuck in my mind, was the training conducted by ACT on Powerful Presentation skills. I find that it had a lot of impact, was very powerful and well organised and can be applied in any presentation. I have personally seen the improvement in myself and used the skills that I learned very frequently."

- Corina Tan

Director, Customer Experience and Care, Dell Computers


"I had a great time at the training. It helped me to have better understanding of ‘team’ and how I need to be in our team."

- Ha Eun-Young



"The trainer was very clear and gave us all the opportunity to express our views, opinions. A good listener too!!! Bravo! Good choice of words, her rhythm and style of presentation enabled her to have captive audience. Everyone participated and had fun – at the same time, learning all the necessary skills we needed."

- Mohamed Ghazali Amin Ali

Human Resource Manager


“Powerful content and learning points. Good content that I can follow easily. This is the best course I have ever attended. I was engaged throughout the course, visual aids, group discussions, games, videos are all used in meaningful and engaging manner.”

- Participant

Singapore Institute of Management


"The coaching sessions have been a great inspiration. The sessions are well structured, challenging, rewarding and focused – I feel that I have benefitted from each and every session. What is particularly interesting is the process of continuation. We do not start on new and unrelated discussion points, but my coach manages to challenge me to continuously progress on every single goal set at the beginning. Through this approach, I have to keep an open mind, remain flexible to discover new aspects of the goals I set."

- Senior Banker